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last updated: January 27, 2018


Lament for Solo Computer
self-released on Bandcamp, 2013

This is one of my most successful pieces, in terms of people's reactions to it. It's singular enough that it wouldn't work on an album with anything else, so I've finally given it some artwork and put it up on Bandcamp.com.

You can listen to and download it here.

Dither cd cover

Henceforth Records: 2010

This is the debut CD by the New York based electric guitar quartet Dither. My pieceVectors is on it, as are other great pieces by Lainie Fefferman, Lisa Coons, DIther member Josh Lopes, and fellow Canadian Eric KM Clark.

Read about it at the label's website.

You can buy the album from the label's order page, and also from Amazon. (But buy it direct from the label!)

Innova Recordings: 2009

This CD by new-music piano hero Danny Holt features my piece "ripple," as well as the complete set of David Lang's "Memory Pieces," and other great music by Caleb Burhans, Graham Fitkin, and Lona Kozic.

Read about it at the label's website

Buy it from Amazon

Buy it from iTunes

Eclectra Records: 2006

This CD features my piece "BSQ5 (remix)," performed by the Penderecki String Quartet with Richard Moore on drum kit. It also features new works by Peter Hatch, Omar Daniel, Roger Bergs, and James Rolfe.

Buy it from Amazon