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last updated: January 27, 2018


LANdini: a networking utility for LAN-based computer music ensembles

This is a current project of mine. My laptop group, Sideband, has been looking for a networking utility to smooth out the unpredictability of OSC communication over wireless networks, and I finally wrote one. It is currently implemented in SuperCollider, and exists as a standalone application for Mac OS 10.6+, though I plan to make a future version that will be comfortably cross-platform.

I would love to hear feedback from interested parties - I've made an effort to include suitable documentation such that anyone should be able to get up and running with it.

Links for downloading:

  • the documentation (for window-shopping purposes, if you don't want to download the full package)
  • version 0.22 of the full standalone application with documentation, test patches in ChucK, and a SuperCollider class to make using LANdini from within SC patches easy (26 MB)
  • the paper I presented at the 2013 Sound And Music Computing conference in Stockholm. An updated version from my presentatino at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium will be appeaing in an upcoming edition of eContact.
  • test patches written in Processing, for easy LANdini testing. These apps are bundled with Java built-in, which is large but more transportable. (80 MB)